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      II have been watching, she said, with a catch in her breath. I knewfeltthat you would want to say Good-bye.

      Thats all very well, said Bill, shaking his head gravely; but whos to take the responsibility? She cant belong to all of yer!I want another towel to soak in water for his head, said Mother Melinda, presently. Run down to the hut, Ralda, dear, and get it, will you?


      He does, blandly assented Lord Selvaine. He made her acquainted with the names and positions of several others of the brilliant crowd, describing their characters and peculiarities with a happy word or a significant shrug or movement of his small hands; and presently Lady Wyndover came up with another lady.There was a crowd in the vestry, for every one was anxious to inscribe his name in the registry, or at least witness the ceremony of signing.



      She put her hand through Hulbert's arm, and led him away from the other two, sauntering slowly along beside the grassy bank.